Class Description

Light & Love Yoga Offers Great Class Variety

Gentle Hatha
A surprisingly gentle workout, some in chairs for people with various injuries or desiring modifications, and floor work that leaves the body stress-free and the mind clear for the day ahead. Excellent workout that includes weights to develop upper body strength. Mindful breathing techniques and guided meditation are explored to help create complete rejuvenation and wholeness.

Active Gentle

Yoga standing and floor poses sequenced to create movement that help strengthen and stretch the body/ mind into a sense of freedom and lightness. Free weights to develop upper body and strengthen knees and back. Mindful breathing techniques and guided mediations are explored. Savasana with imagery and readings complete the class.

Yoga for Every-Body
Re-vitalize your whole being with yoga. This class is designed to help strengthen and enhance flexibility in joints, organs, muscles and bones. Learn the principles of alignment while deepening your ability to enjoy life in each moment. Breath, poses, and balance are an integral part. Create stamina from the inside out and feel the difference. Please bring a yoga mat and a small blanket or towel.

Yoga for Peace & Vitality
Access your body’s greatest vitality and harmony in this gentle yoga practice. In this class we will emphasize moving, opening, and strengthening the body as we practice synchronizing our movements with our breath. The union of body and breath will connect us to that quiet place within that holds our highest vitality and health. This class is appropriate for all levels of ability and experience. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket or beach towel for extra support.

Restorative Yoga with crystal bowls and healing. Using blankets, bolsters, pillows, blocks, straps and other “props” to support the body, practitioners generally experience profound shifts in their nervous system, thus allowing a physiological shift to deep restfulness, calm abiding and well-being. Gravity does “the work” as the body progressively relaxes and softens. GENTLE/BEGINNER

Soft & Gentle with Restorative
Gentle Yoga combining easeful movement, gradual stretches and restorative poses, infused with the healing vibrations of crystal bowls and hands on energy healing