Mandala Header

The mandala image used to create the website header was donated to Light & Love Yoga by artist and graphic designer Vincent Burkhead. Vince has been using images from nature to explore mandala design for many years.

Artist’s Statement:

Exploring Mandala creation using nature photographs is my attempt to understand and interpret the patterns in the natural world. I am exploiting the fundamental mathematical structures in the universe using the Mandala aesthetic. These patterns are often obscured by an organized chaos likely originating from the way in which the universe expanded 14.6 billion years ago. I am intrigued by the challenge of revealing these inherent universal patterns. Mandala expression is a good vehicle for this exploration. Since the work is semi-abstract, instinct and curiosity drives the viewer to attempt to organize the patterns and distill the abstract shapes into representational forms. The meditative quality of the Mandala is discovered during this analysis.

For more information, and to contact Vince Burkhead, please visit Vince Fine Art.