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Breathing in ~ I am aware of my heart; breathing out ~ I am smiling at my heart…Thich Nhat Hanh. November is all about Gratitude and Love. What do you do that brings forth feelings of gratitude?

It isn’t always easy, during the Holidays, to let go and be in alignment with who you really are. Old expectations, beliefs, and worries about family, money, time, and the multitude of other stressors pulling on you can leave you depleted. Where is the gratitude in being left out or fatigued or sad or angry? Where is the appreciation in arguing with the ones you love? When I get into this mode, I often go to a simple breathing meditation.

If you find any resonance with this, take a moment to go within. Go to your own heart and slowly begin to ground your body. Straighten your spine, put both feet on the ground and b-r-e-a-t-h-e with mindfulness. Simply follow your breath in and out. Once you feel more centered, you can repeat the affirmation from Thich Nhat Hanh above; “Breathing in ~ I am aware of my heart. Breathing out ~ I am smiling at my heart.” “Why, that’s very nice”, answers the heart.

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Fall Into Bliss Retreat

A Spiritual Yoga Retreat in Del Mar, CA.


Sept. 21, 22, 23, 2012

Cost = $150 (includes facilitator, Lynda Light of Light and Love Yoga, and experiential experiences, snacks, and integration materials)                                       Register and pay in Full by September 1st and receive 10%OFF

Location: Located in North San Diego County, in Del Mar, CA. Hotel and meals not included.

Spend the weekend navigating the spiritual life, using gentle yoga. Embrace what it means to walk on this earth in human form.  Discover the power of chakra meditations that will help unleash your energy and bring forth more clarity to your Life. Learn what it means to align with the colors and energy of the seasons while opening to the whole of You.  We will be taking easy hikes in the nearby area, meditation walks on the beach, and a labyrinth. Healthy snacks will be provided. Enjoy complete serenity at Lynda Light’s charming home while practicing gentle yoga, breath work, and engaging creative time. This retreat is a time for you, a friend, and/or partner.

Location; Light and Love Yoga’s Home location is in Del Mar, CA & will be sent to all who register through Lynda by email, web-site, or phone. There are several hotels in the surrounding area, only minutes away from the retreat facility, which is located in the Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar area of North San Diego County

Register and pay in Full by September 1st and receive 10%OFF

To Register by email ~

By phone ~ 760-390-4505

By web-site ~ go to; and click on yoga teacher training header. The drop down box “Make A Payment” will direct you how to pay with PayPal

Register and pay in Full by September 1st and receive 10%OFF



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Summer Sizzle Yoga Practice

Energizing Summer Sizzle Yoga Class

Have you wanted to enhance your yoga practice and wondered how? The Summer Sizzle Yoga Class will help you tone-up, improve your mood, your body, and your summer living experience! Learn hot new yoga moves while feeling connected to the earth, sand, ocean, and sky! Each class will build upon the one before with the help of master yoga teacher, Lynda Light, who uses imagery to stimulate and soothe.

When: Saturdays, from 9-10:15AM

Where: Seaside Center, 1613 Lake St, Encinitas, CA. 92024 * Some classes will be held at a park or the beach, depending on weather and wishes!

Cost: $10 per class with first week FREE

Special Pricing and Enrollment Limited. Sign up through email to

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Summer~Yearn To Yoga for 200/300 & advanced students

Advanced ~ Yearn to Yoga              6 Tuesday evenings

Begins June 12                  6-9PM            $100

with Lynda Light ~ E-RYT 200/500

First Time Offer for 200 and 300 hr. Yoga Teachers/Students!

CEU’S available for advancement in yoga teacher training.  

Special Yearn to Yoga 2012 Yoga Series

This unique yoga training is for both 200 and 300 hour yoga teachers and students wishing to deepen their understanding. It consists of a 6 week course that involves the discovery of new asana techniques, and breathing patterns conducive to restoring health and vitality. This class will creatively explore the chemistry of energy as it moves through the body and the manifestations that it brings in one’s Life. Aligning with the ancient teachers of yoga and philosophy, we will open to the natural impulse of the soul to create and expand the potentiality of our individual power as it express in the world.

Included in this unique series will be yoga practice, creative visioning to enhance your yoga practice, and experiential energetic technique. Specific techniques will be learned about the tools of visioning, creating, and moving through the body with music and dance. Lively discussion, special energy exercises and breathing techniques that awaken the 12 main systems are included.

My Intention for this subtle but powerful series is that each one grows exponentially in heart, mind, and body. The purpose is to bring forth transformation through energy, movement, and specialized connected energetic techniques.

When: June 6 – July 18, 2012 from 6-9PM     Where: Light and Love Home Center
Cost: $100 for 6 week series

Registration ONLINE NOW! click on teacher training, 200 or 300 to pay by PayPal

Call Lynda at 760-390-4505 to register by phone


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Catch the Wave: Personal Yoga Practice

Inspired by the May issue of Yoga Journal Magazine, here is my adaptation of the Fluid Nature article. It was fun to practice it together and here are some tips when practicing on your own.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your deep breathing going the whole time you practice. Take smaller breaths when moving more rapidly and long full breaths while holding or ‘working” each pose. This is what l-i-n-k-s your poses and your energy. If step #4 (Dynamic Plank Pose) isn’t working for you, try coming down onto your forearms. It takes the stress off the wrists and allows for a more stable upper body. Then move the bent knee out to the side, rather than pulling in towards the nose. Still curl your spine while bringing the bent knee to the side. For step #5 (High Lunge and Modified Parsvottanasana), as you move forward you can keep the front knee bent more, thus allowing the hip to rotate while keeping strain off the hamstrings. In step #7 (Balasana and Bhujangasana), remember you can substitute “zen pose” here. Coming out of child’s pose, simply let your forehead, nose, and chin touch your mat between your hands, then let your belly float down and move it all forward and up to a low cobra. Next, draw the tailbone back up towards the sky and back to child’s pose. Ahhh! REST, B-R-E-A-T-H-E and be present to the opening in the heart chakra. The final step, Dhanurasana can be modified, using a strap around the ankles or simply bending the knees and lifting the lower legs. While lifting the arms, palms up, keep the arms outstretched from the sides.

This practice can be invigorating, refreshing, and very releasing. The wonder of yoga is not just the body plane. It involves concentration, which helps keep you present, which in turn calms the mind and gets the most from the asana. The best part is that the very spirit of YOU is unleashed, giving you the gift of freedom of movement, ease of mind , and a lightness of heart.

At Light and Love Yoga, we offer all levels of practice and a 200 hour certification where you learn proper alignment, adjustments, and how to adapt the poses to fit you and others. Please look for workshops coming in mid-May on Vibrational Music, Chakras, and Yoga Asana, Sanskrit for Teaching Yoga, Restorative Design by Desire, and a special Meditation Meridian Workshop. Class size is limited, so comment on what you want. Stay posted for more information and sign-up.

Light and Love,


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Welcome to Light and Love Yoga!

Yoga brings about the Wholeness of You. Let us assist in your transformation.

Light and Love’s Intention is to offer you the guidance and space to develop a healthy Yoga Lifestyle. Incorporated in our teachings are asana (Yoga postures), pranayama (Life Force breathing patterns), meditation practices, integrative healing therapies, guided visualization, nutrition, and curiosity about the ancient texts and sacred scriptures that created Yoga. Continue reading

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