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The Path of Balance

Hi Yoginis and Yogis,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we saunter on into the month of November, I take pause for remembering my feelings and attitudes about GRATITUDE. How can we not feel gratitude when we enjoy such perfect weather? With chilly nights, cool mornings, and then the brilliant sunny skies and temps in the high 60′s, low 70′s? Yesterday the sky was such a perfect azure blue, I couldn’t resist lying down in the grass and just gazing up for a while! I was reminded of the Buddha, who often is pictured as that same color blue with a shimmering golden aura around him.

I have been studying Buddha more lately and admire his sense of freedom, patience, and yes, humor! He was extremely creative. Did you know that? He was always working for the masses, even though he came from great royalty. Buddha left his royal life to find his path to enlightenment. What he found, after much suffering, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, was that the Path of Balance was far better than extremism. He called this path The Middle Way.

As we move into this month of gratitude I encourage everyone to find and follow your path of Balance. How to balance your intake of food with your level of energy and practice of yoga, how to balance your relationships in harmony, and how to balance your inner being with that which you put on the outside for others to see.

Our yoga at Seaside will follow the Buddha’s Middle Way the month of November. I encourage you to attend all the classes in order to find your way.

Here is the schedule for November and December, 2013

  • Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:15-9:45am
  • Fridays, Walking Group FREE 7:45-9am
  • Fridays, Yoga Flow & Go, 9-10:30am
  • No yoga classes on Nov 27th & 29th
  • Christmas ~ New Years Break ~ Dec. 23rd,2013 ~ Jan 6th,2014

Much Light and Love, Lynda

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Fall Into Bliss Retreat

A Spiritual Yoga Retreat in Del Mar, CA.


Sept. 21, 22, 23, 2012

Cost = $150 (includes facilitator, Lynda Light of Light and Love Yoga, and experiential experiences, snacks, and integration materials)                                       Register and pay in Full by September 1st and receive 10%OFF

Location: Located in North San Diego County, in Del Mar, CA. Hotel and meals not included.

Spend the weekend navigating the spiritual life, using gentle yoga. Embrace what it means to walk on this earth in human form.  Discover the power of chakra meditations that will help unleash your energy and bring forth more clarity to your Life. Learn what it means to align with the colors and energy of the seasons while opening to the whole of You.  We will be taking easy hikes in the nearby area, meditation walks on the beach, and a labyrinth. Healthy snacks will be provided. Enjoy complete serenity at Lynda Light’s charming home while practicing gentle yoga, breath work, and engaging creative time. This retreat is a time for you, a friend, and/or partner.

Location; Light and Love Yoga’s Home location is in Del Mar, CA & will be sent to all who register through Lynda by email, web-site, or phone. There are several hotels in the surrounding area, only minutes away from the retreat facility, which is located in the Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar area of North San Diego County

Register and pay in Full by September 1st and receive 10%OFF

To Register by email ~

By phone ~ 760-390-4505

By web-site ~ go to; and click on yoga teacher training header. The drop down box “Make A Payment” will direct you how to pay with PayPal

Register and pay in Full by September 1st and receive 10%OFF



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Gazing at the Light

A Year of Rumi

by Andrew Harvey

Lesson 16: Gazing at the Light

The lamps are different,
But the Light is the same.
So many garish lamps in the dying brain’s lamp-show,
Forget about them.
Concentrate on the essence, concentrate on the Light.
In lucid bliss, calmly smoking off its own holy fire,
The Light streams towards you from all things,
All people, all possible permutations of good, evil, thought, passion.
The lamps are different,
but the Light is the same.
One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind,
Endlessly emanating all things.
One turning and burning diamond,
One, one, one.
Ground yourself, strip yourself down,
To blind loving silence.
Stay there, until you see
You are gazing at the Light
With its own ageless eyes.

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Lynda’s Graduation Speech

Light & Love Yoga
Graduation Speech
May 19, 2011

We are here today because each one of you yogis and yoginis said YES! Yes to Light and Love 200 hr. YTT Program. Yes to furthering your education in yoga —- which, as you all know, is a lifelong process.

And I’m so happy you did!

You said YES to learning more about asanas – including modifying, adjusting, and assisting. YES to establishing a steady, committed home practice. YES to acquiring and applying more skills dealing with the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Even if it did mean drawing all over each other with washable markers during Mary Jo’s Anatomy workshops!

And I’m so happy you did!

You said YES to deepening your wisdom by studying the sutras, the rich history of yoga, the 8 limbs, and the philosophy of the 4 major yoga’s.  You said Yes by practicing and learning more about Sanskrit terminology, with Sundaram and in the classroom – breaking down the barriers of an ancient language to combine it with the modern English names. (Mtn. pose is still Tadasana; Wild Thing is simply Wild Thing – what is the Sanskrit anyway???)

And I’m so glad you did!

You said YES to meditation and guided visualizations. You listened, let go, got still —– and waited….for that still small voice within. You then responded through the ACTION of your practices and your LIVING LIFE!!  YOU were and are OPEN to living your lives as whole, independent, vibrant, and loving beings. You deeply opened to speaking your Truth and to continuing to change and grow and evolve on your path. This is called ADVANCING IN YOGA. The insights and principles learned were offered to assist you in refining your ability to see and listen, inwardly and outwardly, on deeper and more subtle levels. This is a lifetime practice

And I am so grateful that you did say YES!

You said YES to learning more about the chakras, as a science, as a metaphysical or mystical aspect of Yoga and Eastern philosophy. You took in the aspect of the meridians, and how to creatively use the mandalas to supplement the chakra work. You embraced the integrating of the chakras thru meditation, visualizations, coloring, journaling, and opening deeper into your Life. You then embodied the energy that flows through the mind/body/spirit, making the connection complete as evidenced in your magnificent mandala artwork and your personal practice within and without.

The beautiful expression that is each one of you, I am so grateful!

All the hours of student teaching, early morning yoga with David, yoga at each other’s homes, at the beach, in the temple at Sundaram’s, with Mary Jo in the afternoons, or with me doing restorative yoga —– Completing the sometimes arduous homework assignments, the sore bodies, the self inquiry, as well as the ever illusive state of bliss —-

Isn’t this what it means to live your yoga?  I hope you feel TODAY the coming together of all your yoga work. This took commitment, practice, and, above all else, an OPEN HEART. You have become united and together you are —– TRUE SANGHA – community.

Sutra 5 from the book 3 – Portion on Accomplishments

Vibhuti Pada
Tajjayat Pranjnalokah

By the mastery of samyama comes the light of knowledge.

This means that the truth behind the object on which we do samyama becomes known to us. That is what is called discovery. The truth was covered before; now we “dis-cover” it. It’s not that anyone creates anything new. Some truth was hidden. By samyama, we understood what it was. That’s the true meaning of discovery.

*samyama – the practice of dharana (concentration), dhyama (meditation) and Samadhi (contemplation).


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A Message to My Students

You can always amend a big plan, but you can never expand a little one. I don’t believe in little plans. I believe in plans big enough to meet a situation which we can’t possibly foresee now. ~Harry S. Truman

Don’t waste your time on little plans and small expectations. Dream big! Big plans come from big ideas. So make big plans. They attract big money. They draw other people to you who also like to think and dream big. Have the courage to be bold in your thinking. Ask for everything you want and expect to receive it.

Plan to be healthy. Don’t accommodate disease. Don’t plan for the flu or allergy season. Don’t be tricked by drug-company advertisers who might try to convince you to get sick just because the seasons change. Plan to be vital and healthy at every age.

Plan to be rich. Use your money with wisdom so that it may grow. Don’t save for a rainy day, or else it will rain. Make financial plans for retirement or an exciting vacation.

Plan to be loved and to attract only loving people. Leave your home each morning expecting to have a good day. Plan for it.

Plan for greatness. God did not create you for an insignificant life. You are here to live boldly and to act courageously. Dare to dream. Take one step each day toward the fulfillment of your dream and then leave the rest up to God.

Chris Michaels
Science of Mind Magazine
April 19, 2011

AFFIRMATION: I plan to live well every day of my life, and I expect my plan to be fulfilled.

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