Healers and Teachers Day

Get Ready for a Day of Replenishment

spiritual-healing-pictureIt is great work that you all do, teaching yoga and other important skills: giving massage, Life coaching, or other healing modalities! You do it so others might live a life that is more centered, open, integrated, meaningful, and freeing.

Yet sometimes, we “healers” and yogis get caught up in helping others to the point of depletion. We work on “delivering” the class format, assisting students and clients to learn a better way, use an energetic tool, or how to structure the session so the Intention you put your attention on awakens in the student the desire for more balance, ease, and strength. All the while, attempting to keep up your own practice, meditate so you can stay centered, and attend to your family and relationship needs as well.

Well, I think it is time for YOU to take a break!

Into the Sea of De-Light ~ A Day of Replenishment

Date: July 31st
Time: 10am – 3pm
Fee: $50

What if you allowed me at Light and Love Yoga to attend to you for a day?

What if you came to my place and allowed me to lead and facilitate you in re-aligning yourself with your True Nature?

What if you took the time to discover your wants, desires, and goals NOW?

What if you came and let yourself be guided into present day, moment-to-moment awakenings?

What if……..Indeed.

Your heart is your first teacher, ~Cherokee saying

One is to visualize the fire of the union of the sun, moon, and fire as single-pointed focus in the heart. ~Sri Abhinavagupta

My heart is pulsing with passion, like waves on an ocean.
I’m at home, wherever I am…
I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances.
Behind the veils intoxicated with love,
I too dance the rhythm of this moving world. ~Rumi

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