Summer Sizzle Yoga Practice

Energizing Summer Sizzle Yoga Class

Have you wanted to enhance your yoga practice and wondered how? The Summer Sizzle Yoga Class will help you tone-up, improve your mood, your body, and your summer living experience! Learn hot new yoga moves while feeling connected to the earth, sand, ocean, and sky! Each class will build upon the one before with the help of master yoga teacher, Lynda Light, who uses imagery to stimulate and soothe.

When: Saturdays, from 9-10:15AM

Where: Seaside Center, 1613 Lake St, Encinitas, CA. 92024 * Some classes will be held at a park or the beach, depending on weather and wishes!

Cost: $10 per class with first week FREE

Special Pricing and Enrollment Limited. Sign up through email to

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