Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

yoga-therapy (1)Whether you are working on building strength, flexibility, or recovering from an injury or illness, private sessions give you total access to an individual and personalized one-on-one.  A private yoga session is also perfect for anyone wishing to enhance their yoga practice. This includes learning better ways of doing the poses, improvement in breathing techniques, and personalizing every aspect of what you want your yoga to do for you. Lynda Light, a reputable and experienced yoga instructor/mentor leads the session(s) with her deep listening and intuitive abilities.

My approach to private yoga sessions is thorough and completely individualized for each client. With my background and expertise I can formulate sessions that include an intake assessment, an in-depth energetic reading of the subtle body, and the foundational rendering of the clients’ goals. As we work together, the sessions unfold seamlessly. The guidance and support you need and want are available with my method.  Using my intuitive abilities and skills, along with my therapeutic experience and expertise, I create a formula that unfolds as a practical plan for you. What develops is a new you, from the inside out! Often clients experience weight loss, better sleep, less stiffness in joints and muscles, and a clearer focused mind.

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Rates: single session $100, 3 session pack = $285 (Savings of $15.00!)

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