300 Hour YTT

300 Hour Enhanced Yoga Teacher Training

September 9, 2015 ~ January 20, 2016
Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30 AM – 1 PM
4-6 Saturdays or Sundays (flexible schedule)

Lynda-Portrait-cropped-300x293Lynda Light, of Light & Love Yoga, is a Master Yoga Teacher and mentor, who has been facilitating students and instructing yoga, and yoga teacher training programs (YTT) for over 35 years. Lynda’s passion is inspiring others in the concept of mind/body/spirit connection & whole health awareness. Her approach is gently encouraging while challenging.

About the Program

The emphasis of this interdisciplinary 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training is on Gentle Yoga with Restorative components, learning about private yoga therapy, and discovery about how to translate your yoga into a productive Lifestyle that works for you and your teaching capacity.

We are offering a three module approach to learning what your heart, body, mind, and spirit desires and is passionate about.

Each module is six to seven weeks in length, with affordable individual pricing. An exclusive individual and group Life Coaching program is offered to assist the student in the process of the Yoga Teacher Training.

Module 1:
Essential Foundations
Sept. 9th – Oct 28th, 2015
Price $983, less $135 if paid in full by Sept 1st, 2015
Payment Plan available: two payments of $491.50 due 9/1/15 & 10/1/15

• Sacred Celebration Introductions
• Historical Truths
• Setting Intentions
• Introduction to Subtle Body/Energy
• Pranayama, Chakras, Koshas
• Creativity
• Group Work
• Introduction to Transformational Life/Coaching
• Relaxation, Restorative, Healing
• Ayurveda Practice
• Anatomy of Yoga Review
• Sequencing
• Adventures in Yoga Philosophy
• Assisting and Adjusting with Compassion
• Empowerment Immersion
• Workshop Projects
• 9 Tenants of Sanatana Dharma
• Sanskrit and Kirtan
• Sequencing Techniques using Sanskrit & Chanting
• Field Trips
• Specialty Workshops
• Backbends Immersion

Module 2:
Core Deep
Nov. 4th,2015 – Jan. 11th, 2016

(Holidays of Thanksgiving & Christmas Weeks OFF)
Price = $850
Payment Plan available: two payments of $425 due 11/1/15 & 12/15/15

• Practicum
• Root and Sacral Chakras
• Meditation Focus
• Field Trip
• Solar Plexus Chakra
• Transformational Life/Coaching
• Heart & Throat Chakras
• Reiki
• Workshop Projects
• Thai Yoga Workshop
• Group Processing
• Yoga Therapy
• Sequencing Projects
• Gita, Philosophy & Life
• Sutras
• Language, Ethics, & Boundaries
• Third Eye & 8th Chakras
• Abundance of Mantras and Mudras
• Creation of 75 minute practice
• Putting it all together

Module 3:
Journey To Bliss
Jan. 18th – March 15th, 2016
Price = $983
Payment Plan available: two payments of $491.50 due 1/15/16 & 2/15/16

• Radiance Sutras
• Thai Yoga
• Transform Life/Coaching
• Group & Individual Teaching
• Unique Design for Workshops
• Intuitive Shift
• Yoga Therapy
• Mandala Exploration
• Final Projects
• Swing Yoga
• Field Trip
• Pair Practice Teaching
• Transformational Life/Coaching
• Advanced Review
• Interconnections of Poses Immersion

Cost of all Three Modules is $2,950.
All Modules to be taken in succession. 

Payment made in full receives $250 off price of $2,950.
Early Bird = $400 OFF, for early registration by/before August 5th, 2015, paid in full.
10% discount for referring a friend for same module.
Senior registration = 30% discount.

Registration ~ Non-refundable deposit due at time of Registration is $300. Registration deadline is September 1, 2015 for payment plans/modules.

A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through a Yoga Alliance Registered School is Pre-requisite to the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.
Modules One and Two are Pre-requisite to taking Module Three.

Register Now:
Let us know ASAP your level of interest and time preference.
Lynda Light, Director of Program, lynda@lightandloveyoga.com or 760-390-4505

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